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Breeze represents a breath of fresh air in the labour-hire industry. We believe that the key to a happy customer, is an inspired recruit. We invest in our staff to deliver outstanding outcomes to our clients. We understand our staff and what motivates them. We believe that our people are our most valuable assets and our uncompromising commitment to loyalty, honesty and care are the foundation of our service. The nature of labour is changing and Breeze is positioned to lead the charge, preparing people for the future through training and technology. We look forward to working with you to fulfil your contingent staffing needs.

Your Expert Team in Labour Hire & Recruitment

Breeze Group Australia brings together a team with broad skills across labour hire and recruitment. We believe that exceptional client outcomes start with exceptional recruits, which is why we invest in the development of our teams to deliver high quality staffing solutions.

Filip Petrovski
Operations Manager

Recruitment Consultant

Training Coordinator

Accounts Administrator

Business Development Manager

Client Relations

Recruitment Consultant

How our values and culture help us
attract and retain the best people

At Breeze Group we believe that our personal values are the heart and soul of our corporate culture. We are an employee-centric firm, that puts the needs and safety of our staff front and center, to attract and retain the best contingent workforce. We do not view our teams as resources, rather as people who we know, trust and understand. Loyalty, honesty and care towards our staff ensures that they nurture those same values in their engagements. We treat our staff the way we want our clients to be treated, with respect.

We recruit real people. Not just resources.

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